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Tech Corp has been serving the Berkshire community since 1988. We specialise in helping you communicate with your customers, and our staff offers quality and reliable Communication Products you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

TechCorpNo matter what communication product you need, we will have it at prices you can afford. At TechCorp, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest calibre.

Browse our Web site for more information about Tech Corp. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Tech Corp representative regarding our communication products, please e-mail us at info@techcorp.co.uk

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Spoiler alert: McLaren teases Geneva-bound supercar's aero prowess - Roadshow
It's a slippery little thing, apparently.
Who needs the cavalry? US Army calls in the Hoverbike - CNET
The Army's prototype quadcopter passes its first big test and takes to the air.
Samsung to announce Note 7 findings January 23? Here's what to expect - CNET
Commentary: Samsung will reportedly tell the world what made the Note 7 phone explode in the first place -- and it's the company's chance to be open and honest about what went wrong.
Automakers, oil companies team up to push hydrogen investments - Roadshow
It's all about trying to mitigate the effects of human contributions to climate change.
JPMorgan discrimination case has social media's attention - CNET
Social Cues: Also trending on Facebook and Twitter are Donald Trump's slogan for his 2020 campaign, and a hospitalized George H.W. Bush.
Edward Snowden's asylum in Russia extended - CNET
The whistleblower can stay there for another three years and continue to avoid charges in the US of espionage and theft of government property.
This motherboard cake lets you have your tech and eat it - CNET
Even if you can't fix your own computer, YouTube celeb chef Rosanna Pansino shows how to decorate a cake to look like the inside of a computer.
CNET asks: BlackBerry and Nokia are back! Do you care? - CNET
Once the top dogs in mobile, these two former blue-chip brands want to claw their way to a comeback. But that'll only work if people like you give a fig.
This text can crash your iPhone - CNET
A combination of emojis can confuse iOS 10 into temporarily crashing. Here's what you need to know.
Samsung's new phablet looks impressive, but good luck getting one - CNET
The Galaxy C9 Pro has a 6-inch screen, 6GB of RAM and 16MP cameras on both its front and back. But it's only officially available in China.
Evangelion roller coaster gets mobile game to make the line bearable - CNET
Universal Studios Japan makes it so the experience begins before you even step foot into the ride.
Donald Trump gets new species of moth named after him - CNET
Commentary: An evolutionary biologist decides that his new moth discovery resembles the president-elect.
This AI scheduler is perfect for people who hate arranging meetings - CNET
Singapore-based Mimetic.ai's Evie is an AI that understands natural language and helps you with the thankless chore of setting up meetings.
Verizon may have 'thousands' of Note 7 phones still in use - CNET
To persuade people to stop using the recalled handset, the carrier plans to reroute all non-911 outgoing calls to its customer service reps.
Grand Theft Mario? YouTuber drops Mario into Liberty City - CNET
We don't want a realistic Mario game (like, ever). But this video is pretty hilarious.
Qualcomm forced Apple into exclusive chip deal, FTC says - CNET
Lawsuit accuses the world's biggest maker of mobile phone chips of maintaining a monopoly that extracted high royalty fees and weakened competition.
Governments suck at social media, but you deserve some blame - CNET
Officials are failing to reach citizens on social media, says a new report, which is fueling distrust in governments.
Zuckerberg takes the stand to defend Oculus - CNET
The Facebook CEO, giving testimony in a lawsuit over the virtual reality technology, describes a rushed and fraught deal nearly three years ago.
Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars' heading to Netflix - CNET
The comedian will also record two new standup shows and help create other programs for the video-streaming service.
Taylor Swift impersonator (age 7) divides the web - CNET
Commentary: More than 2 million YouTubers have already tuned in to 7-year-old Xia Vigor performing on a TV show. But is her performance wonderful or the opposite?
Inverted aquarium lets fish see above the water line - CNET
A whole new world comes into perspective for fish with their own personal above-the-surface glass viewing towers.
Mini brings John Cooper Works performance to Countryman crossover - Roadshow
Why? Because it could, that's why!
Happy 95th birthday, Betty White! Celebrate with 5 fun videos - CNET
Clips from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Golden Girls" and other sources help remind us why the actress and social media darling is an American treasure.
An S Pen stylus on the Galaxy S8 makes no sense, despite rumors - CNET
Commentary: A rumored phone case hints that the S Pen may show up on the Galaxy S8, but that doesn't fit with what we know of Samsung's Galaxy and Note phones.
Chelsea Manning's sentence commuted by Obama - CNET
President Barack Obama shortens by 28 years the prison time given to Manning, who shared thousands of classified US documents with WikiLeaks.

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