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Tech Corp has been serving the Berkshire community since 1988. We specialise in helping you communicate with your customers, and our staff offers quality and reliable Communication Products you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

TechCorpNo matter what communication product you need, we will have it at prices you can afford. At TechCorp, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest calibre.

Browse our Web site for more information about Tech Corp. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Tech Corp representative regarding our communication products, please e-mail us at info@techcorp.co.uk

At Tech Corp, the customer always comes first.


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The Suicide Squad hits HBO Max today: How to watch, exact release time, price - CNET
Every big and little detail you should know about James Gunn's blood-spattered DC entry.
Elon Musk says Walter Isaacson is writing his new biography - CNET
Isaacson previously wrote an outstanding biography of Steve Jobs.
UFC 265 Derrick Lewis vs. Cyril Gane: When it starts and how to watch - CNET
UFC 265 features a title bout between two strikers with markedly different skillsets.
Dune is definitely coming out on HBO Max: Release date, price, what the heck is it about? - CNET
The 2021 film will hit theaters and streaming simultaneously.
Activision Blizzard lawsuit: Latest updates and what you need to know - CNET
Blizzard's president has resigned and on Tuesday an aggrieved investor sued the company for misleading shareholders.
Climbing at the Tokyo Olympics: Start times, finals schedule, how to watch - CNET
Next up for climbing: Men's finals.
Jennifer Hudson didn't know she'd have 'ears or a tail' in Cats - CNET
The actor reveals her memories from working on the infamous musical film.
The Olympics no one wanted is the Olympics we all needed - CNET
Thank you, Japan. Thank you, Dean Boxall.
The Suicide Squad review: DC sequel is gloriously gory, sick as hell - CNET
James Gunn's 2021 sequel/reboot is cinematic trash poetry.
Best back-to-school gear for $100 or less in 2021 - CNET
Get ready for fall for less than a Benjamin.
Delta plus: What we know about the latest coronavirus variant - CNET
Delta plus has been detected in several countries, including the US. Scientists need more information to gauge how dangerous it is.
Scientists launching Blob into space - CNET
Let's see how Blob behaves in microgravity.
Keeping Grindr a safe space for gay people is a matter of life and death - CNET
Commentary: Apps like Grindr have become a popular way to meet, but their most vulnerable users must be protected from outing and potential harassment.
The Pentagon is using AI to predict events days into the future - CNET
It's science fiction turned science fact, but without all the weird gesture-controlled computer systems.
COVID-19 heroes, including a vaccine scientist, are now Barbie dolls - CNET
Mattel miniaturizes six workers who've contributed to the world during the pandemic.
Google accused again of price-fixing with Facebook in proposed class-action suit - CNET
The complaint says Facebook was given "special information" for online advertising auctions.
NASA Mars helicopter scouts out rocks with 'curious lines' - CNET
The intriguing rocks might hint at the history of water in the ancient Martian lakebed.
3,700-year-old clay tablet shows we've been using geometry for longer than we realized - CNET
Someone was paying attention to their math teacher in ancient Babylon.
Best full mattress in 2021 - CNET
From hybrid models to proprietary polymer grids, these comfy mattresses help level up your sleep.
Louis C.K. announces comeback tour following sexual misconduct claims - CNET
The comedian admitted to misconduct called out by several women in 2017. He's now planning a massive American and European tour.
PS5 restock tracker: How to buy a PlayStation 5 from Walmart, Target and more - CNET
Trying to get a PS5? Here's where to find one this week.
PS5 shortage might be over as Sony secures more chips - CNET
Some good news for those still looking for the console.
The Suicide Squad's David Dastmalchian is comic book movie royalty - CNET
On CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast, Dastmalchian discusses playing Polka-Dot Man and a personal connection to the character James Gunn didn't even know about during casting.
Iraq reclaims 17,000 looted ancient artifacts held in the US - CNET
Thousands of items were being held by the Museum of the Bible, which was founded by the family that owns Hobby Lobby, and Cornell University.
Scientists tweak daddy long legs genes to create daddy short legs - CNET
Genetically engineering the leggy spiders could help unlock the secrets of how they develop such long gams in the first place.

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