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Tech Corp has been serving the Berkshire community since 1988. We specialise in helping you communicate with your customers, and our staff offers quality and reliable Communication Products you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

TechCorpNo matter what communication product you need, we will have it at prices you can afford. At TechCorp, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest calibre.

Browse our Web site for more information about Tech Corp. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Tech Corp representative regarding our communication products, please e-mail us at info@techcorp.co.uk

At Tech Corp, the customer always comes first.


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Photo Sharing on the Go Is the Latest Hot Investment Niche in Silicon Valley
The apps, like Instagram, Hipstamatic, DailyBooth and PicPlz, have been small-time projects, but now a few are trying to become real businesses.
F.C.C. Investigates Google Street View
Google’s acquisition of passwords, e-mails and other personal data from unsuspecting people may have violated the Communications Act.
I.H.T. Special Report: Business in South Korea: Korean Giants Struggle to Crack Smartphone Market
Samsung and LG Electronics have moved into the realm of leadership in the technology industry, but as smartphones take the world by storm, they have remained largely confined to the sidelines.
Cisco Reports Higher Profit But Sees Some Weaknesses
Despite the company’s strong performance, shares fell close to 10 percent in after-hours trading after the earnings release.
Currents | Apps: Kelly Hoppen Introduces an iPhone App
Home Style, a new app from the English interior designer, includes 40 videos with furniture and design ideas.
Bits: Yahoo Hires a Time Inc. Ad Man
Yahoo hired Wayne Powers, a former Time Inc. executive, to revive its slumping as sales business in the United States.
Bits: Tech Talk Podcast: A Social Web Browser
Miguel Helft on the new social browser RockMelt, gaming on a laptop and the Queen of England's joining Facebook.
Bits: Airbnb Raises Cash to Expand Budget-Travel Service
The room-and-house rental vacation site announced it had raised $7.2 million in a Series A round of venture financing, led by Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners.
Bits: Android Is 2nd in Mobile Sales, Gartner Says
A staggering 417 million mobile phones were sold worldwide last quarter, up 35 percent from the same period last year, the research firm says.
Stage Set for Showdown on Online Privacy
Two federal agencies are preparing reports on online privacy standards, and the findings could be at odds.
Eisner’s Studio and AOL Pair Up for Web Series
The partnership is the latest attempt by AOL to infuse its homepage with original video.
Vodafone Selling Stake in Softbank
The mobile-phone company also raised its full-year earnings outlook after a strong first half.
Ask.com to Return to Old Service
The company will go back to being a question-and-answer service, but it’s re-entering a field that has become crowded.
Company Accused of Firing Over Facebook Post
The National Labor Relations Board said a company fired an employee illegally after she criticized her supervisor.
Licensing Fees the Main Topic of Oracle Testimony
Licensing fees are a central point in the legal battle over how much SAP should pay in damages for stealing Oracle’s software.
IAC Stops Developing Search, Ask.Com to Outsource
Internet mogul Barry Diller has ended his company’s quest to develop Internet search technology to rival that of Google Inc and Microsoft Corp.
Quantum Computing Reaches for True Power
Three major technologies all have the potential to move from demonstration computers to practical, highly powerful machines.
Strides in Materials, but No Invisibility Cloak
Researchers are using artificially structured metamaterials to manipulate light or other electromagnetic waves in ways not achievable in nature.
For NASA, Closer Looks at Mercury and Mars
After a trip of six and a half years, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft will finally pull into orbit around Mercury, and a rover the size of an S.U.V. is expected to land on Mars.
DealBook: Deal Gives Amazon a Diaper Strategy
By acquiring Quidsi, the parent company of Diapers.com, Amazon.com should be able compete in the baby-products sector.
State of the Art: It’s a Tablet. It’s Gorgeous. It’s Costly.
Samsung presents the Galaxy Tab, a new Android tablet with many features and a light touch. But it’ll cost you.
The Great Cyberheist
Inside the mind of Albert Gonzalez, America’s most notorious computer hacker.
Top 10 Must-Have Apps for the iPhone, and Some Runners-Up
A fistful of iPhone apps that will save you time, make your life easier and make you smile.
State of the Art: Kinect Pushes Users Into a Sweaty New Dimension
The Kinect, which plugs into an Xbox, can project a digital version of you on screen while you shimmy, shake and play active games.
Gadgetwise: Sprint Gets an iPhone, Sort Of
A new iPhone case with a Wi-Fi hot spot built in comes close to turning an iPod Touch into a real phone.
Gadgetwise: A Wireless Speaker(phone) for Smartphones
A new Bluetooth speaker from Jawbone lets you play music wirelessly from your smartphone and also serves as a speakerphone.
Gadgetwise: 5 Tips for Searching Gmail
Gmail offers a number of advanced search features that can help people search messages in an extremely bloated in-box.

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